What is Cleerview? 
CleerView is the result of more than 25 years of research, development and testing.
CleerView is the next step of glass and windshield protection.  
CleerView is easy to apply (usually 5-7 minutes for a standard windshield and wiper blades).  
CleerView is longer lasting (A single application usually lasts 4-5 months).  
A single 2 oz. bottle of CleerView is usually a supply that lasts over a year.  
No longer need to purchase more expensive washer fluids to get high quality windshield protection. 
CleerView is effective in year around weather.  
CleerView has been extensively tested in extreme conditions such as rain, snow, ice, sleet, blizzards, and high winds.
CleerView is easy to apply, inexpensive, and provides great windshield protection year around

Cleerview is a completely green company. It is safe for the environment, your family, animals, and more importantly it is the safest way to get from point a to pnt b in the rain. Unlike its counterpart you can apply and use this amazing product in 40 degrees below zero. Rain x requires you to purchase the "special" rain x wiper blades, and those are not cheap. So why invest in a product that you have to purchase multiple other products to get a lesser result?  When you purchase  one bottle of cleerview you have everything you need to start driving safer in the rain. This one bottle of cleerview costs only $6.99 and it works exactly the way it comes delivered. There are no tricks involved to try and make you purchase several other products for the "best results" with this product you get in all in one product. There will be testimonials on our blog page with our satisfied customers! And we would appreciate it if you could give us some feedback as well.

Thank you,

Brian Mason - owner/ceo of cleerview glass treatment and





How to use:

  1. Clean Windshield Thoroughly
  2. Tilt up Windshield wiper blades 
  3. Dribble Cleerview onto the midsection of the Windshield, With a clean paper towel, Rub Cleerview over half of the Windshield
  4. Move to the other half of the Windshield Dribble Cleerview onto the midsection of the Windshield
  5. Rub the product over half of the Windshield
  6. Return to the 1st side and with a clean paper towel and rub/polish into the Windshield until dry
  7. Return to the 2nd side and with a clean paper towel and rub/polish into the Windshield until dry
  8. Rub Cleerview onto the Windshield wiper blades and wipe off any excess
  9. Return wipers to original position.
  10. Enjoy your newly Cleerview Protected Windshield!!